Babies: The Cry of a Tired Infant, the Cry of a Hungry Infant, the Unique Anatomy of a Baby Feeding Upon Breast Milk, the Reason Babies Can Naturally Swim, Babies Possessing Double Vision Early On, the Reason Babies Like Bright and Bold Colors, Hearing Developed Early in Life and the Ability to Tolerate Loud Noises, the Reason Babies Cry When Waking, Baby vs. Adult Dreams and Sleep Length, the Reason Babies Can Sleep During the Day, the Reason Babies Do Not Have Patellas, Baby Growth Rate Tapering Off, the 6 Month Size and Calorie Milestone, Babies Preferring Sweet Tastes and What Their Mother Consumed While Pregnant, Babies Eating Messy Leading to Rapid Learning of How to Feed Oneself, Babies Having an Aversion to Plants, Babies Born Without Fear, Babies Unable to Recognize Their Reflection Until 18 Months, Understanding 150 Sounds by 6 Months of Age, and Babies Understanding 3x as Much as They Can Verbalize

Tired babies form yawns so their cries begin with an “ow” (as in “ouch”) sound. Hungry babies produce a sucking reflex which causes their tongue to run over the roof of their mouthes toI produce a cry which begins with a “neh” (as in “neighbor”) sound. Once feeding, babies are able to utilize their anatomy in a way which will soon disappear. When feeding, babies are able to bring their larynx higher in their throat which brings their trachea and nasal cavity closer together and allows for breath...

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