Climate Change Causing Heat to be Stored Within the World’s Oceans, the Problem of Ocean Acidification, the Importance of Coral Reefs, the Last Epoch Oceans Changed at Such a Dramatic Rate, the Reason Heat Causes Coral Death, the Coral Triangle, Protection From Overfishing in the Philippines, and the 3 Largest Countries Contributing to Climate Change

90% of the heat caused by global warming is stored inside the world’s oceans. The carbon emissions which are released by burning fossil fuels, acidify the ocean by making it slightly less alkaline, which in turn kills of tens of millions of sea creatures each year. Coral reefs support 25% of all ocean life. The oceans have not changed as quickly as the current rate for 75,000,000 (75 million) years with some scientists suggesting it to be 300,000,000 (300 million) years. It takes 10,000 years or...

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