The History of Banking and Finance: The Inca Empire Having No Currency, Europeans Arriving in South America to Colonize, the Finding of the Cerro Rico Mountain, the Inca Not Understanding Why the Spanish Mined, the Inflation Which Occurred in Spain Because of Mining, the Spanish Failing to Understand Currency and Economies, the Etymology of “credit”, European vs. Eastern Economies, Italian Mathematician Fibonnaci Introducing Europe to Arabic/Hindu Numbers, Jews in Venice, Italy Forced to Wear Yellow Insignia and Subjugated to Ghettos, the Etymology of “Ghetto”, Christian vs. Jewish Loan Capabilities and Hindrances, the Medici Family of Italy Leaving Criminal Activity Behind and Developing the Concept of Banking, Italian Banker Giovanni di Bicci de’ Medici Devising a Plot to Circumvent Usury, How the Medici Changed and Stabilized Banking Via Decentralization, the Ascendance of the Entire Medici Family, Annual Bankruptcies in the U.S., England Having Debtors Prison During the 19th Century, the Inalienable American Right to Default Upon Loan Payment and the Reason This Intervention Exists, and Bankers Abiding by the 3-6-3 Rule

The Inca empire had no unit of currency, as labor was the standard commodity to be traded. The Inca did however appreciate the aesthetic appeal of metals and believed that gold was the sweat of the sun and silver the tears of the moon. In 1532, the Inca’s and Francisco Pizarro crossed paths as Pizzaro was inspired by the legend of El Dorado, the realm of the gold covered king. Pizarro and his conquistadors arrived from Spain to what they referred to as “Upper Peru”. After defeating the Inca mili...

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