1950’s Food Cost vs. 2020’s Food Cost, the Global Corn Market, Fuel Containing Corn, Fluctuating Corn Distribution Over Decades, Livestock Corn Consumption Rates, the Difficulty of Growing Coffee, the Problem of Coffee Rust, and Coffee Becoming Difficult to Grow in Ethiopia Within the Next 70 Years

In 1957, the average person or family spent 36% of their income on food, a cost which dropped to just 10% by 2008. In 2000, corn was $88.00 per 1 tonne, but by 2008, corn had shot up to $223.00 per 1 tonne, a nearly 3x increase. During 2016, 860,000,000 (860 million) tonnes of corn was grown. Corn is one of the most widely grown crops on Earth, with the US being the largest producer, and a global market worth nearly $250,000,000,000 ($250 billion) annually. 96% of all gasoline sold in the US con...

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