Dutch Finance and Scottish Economist John Law: The Longest Oil Transport Pipeline in the World, the Invention of the Stock Market, the Economic Bubble Which Sparked the French Revolution, Scottish Economist John Law Owning 25% of the U.S., Law’s Punishment of Death After Duelling and His Escape From the Netherlands, One of the World’s First National Lottery’s and the Centralized Bank Used to Fund War Campaigns, the Immense Success of the Dutch East India Company the World’s First Multinational Company, the Advent of the Investment Share, Law Restarting France’s Economy With Paper Currency, Law Holding a Monopoly over U.S. Trade, and Law’s Shares Losing 90% of Their Value Due to Mismanagement

The longest oil transport pipe in the world cost $1,500,000,000 ($1.5 billion) from Bolivia to the Atlantic coast of Brazil. The pipeline runs over 6400 kilometres, from the top of Patagonia, to the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires. Shares were first sold in 1602. John Law, a convicted Scottish murderer, invented the stock market bubble. Law was a compulsive gambler but also a financial genius, who caused the first true boom and bust in asset prices and indirectly sparked the French Revolutio...

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