The Cost of a Dutch Tulip in 1637, the Dutch Guilder Using the Italian Florian Symbol, the Dutch Resisting the Spanish by Attacking Religious Sites, the Splitting of the Low Countries, the Record of Dutch Artist Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn and His Unmarked Grave, the Dutch Proverb “Cleanliness is a Great Gem” (Cleanliness is Next to Godliness), England, France, and Germany Invading Holland Simultaneously and Hollands Defense Strategy Which Caused Economic Ruin

By 1637, a single semper augustus tulip bulb cost ƒ1000.00 (Dutch guilder) which was enough to feed and clothe a family for a lifetime. ƒ1000.00 is worth approximately $13,700 as of 2017 when accounting for inflation. The Dutch guilder purposely used the Italian Florian symbol. During the 1560's the Dutch resisted the invading and oppressive Spanish by attacking their religion. The Dutch, who were primarily Calvinists, removed all statues and stained glass windows within cathedrals as they under...

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