The Effects of 2G and 3G Gravity, Astronauts Trained to Resist Gravitational Pull on Blood Supply, Russian Language Used During Rocket Launches, the Furthest Traceable Ancestor of Life, Life Emerging On Earth, Astronauts Entering Quarantine Before Ascending to Space, and the Last Things an Astronauts Sees Before Entering the Launch Pad

Pulling and experiencing 2G is difficult to equivocate, but the equivalent of banking an aircraft 60 degrees results in 2.5G. 3G is the equivalent of being on a roller coaster. To avoid losing consciences, astronauts are trained to clench their abdomen and leg muscles which contracts the blood vessels in the lower body pushing blood back to the chest and brain. Rocket launches are performed using Russian spoken language and Russian written language which uses the Cyrillic alphabet. There are app...

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