The Etymology of “Neanderthal”, the Large Brain Size of Neanderthals, the Emergence of Modern Human Beings in Africa, Neanderthal Technology, the Hypothesis of Why Neanderthal Deoxyribonucleic Acid is Found Within Human Beings, the Oldest Known Sculpture of the Human Body, and Ancient Flute Crafting

Neanderthals are called as such because they were discovered in 1856 in the Neander valley in Germany. Neanderthals has larger overall volume in respect to their brain size but their computational power was not as fine tuned as human beings. The Latin name for Neanderthals is “homo neanderthalensis”. The modern human skull first formed in Africa, 200,000 years ago. Neanderthals did not create arrowheads but they did build other technologies like “lissoir” which was a rib bone used to make animal...

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