Housing in the U.S.: The U.S. Advent of Property Ownership Being Common, African Americans Denied This Same Opportunity and the Process of Redlining, the Detroit, United States of America Riots of 1967, How Loan Packaging Works, the Financial Problem of Borrowing for Those Living Within Slums, the Difficulty of Proving Legal Title in Impoverished Nations, and Why Home Ownership Improves Loan Opportunities

Before the 1930’s, approximately 40% of people owned their own home. The Roosevelt administration pioneered the idea of a democracy in which almost everybody was a property owner, and did so by rigging the property market and incentivizing citizens to purchase property. By reducing the cost of a mortgage through amortization over 20 - 30 years, people could now spend less on owning a home than they did on rent. The US government effectively underwrote the property market by bringing borrowers an...

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