Food Waste: Food Waste in North America vs. World Wide, the Only Food Product Required to Display a Best Before Date, the Purpose of Best Before Dates for Retailers, the Problem With Food Not Biodegrading Within Landfills, the Good Samaritan Act and Why Retailers Can Sell or Gift Food Past Expiration, and the Canadian Donation of Food Act Acting in Parallel to the Good Samaritan Act

The average North American household throws out 15% - 25% of the food they purchase. Worldwide, 30% of food produced is not consumed. The only thing in the US which is required by federal law to have an expiration date is infant formula. Everything else is not mandated by law to have an expiration date. Most food manufacturers place dates on their food products for retailers to know that a product should be sold by that date in order to allow the product to have a reasonable shelf life within th...

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