The Symbiotic Relationship of Spruce Trees and Feather Moss, Black Spruce Trees Designed by Evolution to Burn, the Pinecones That Exploit This Evolutionary Trait, the Network of Shared Resources Between the Aspen Trees Roots, Squirrels Storing Large Amounts of Food For Winter, the Defense of the Aspen, Willow, and Birch Trees, the Defense of Spruce Trees, the Reason Trees Secrete Terpenes to Seed Clouds (Christmas Tree Scent), and the Reason Freshwater Fish are 70% Tree

Black spruce trees have a symbiotic relationship with the feather moss which grows upon the forest floor. The feather moss keeps the roots of the black spruce tree cold and wet, and the coverage provided by the black spruce keeps the feather moss free of leaves which would suffocate it’s growth. Black spruce trees are essentially designed to burn on purpose as their entire being is flammable. Small protruding branches found all the way up the tree act as a ladder for fire to climb and the flaky ...

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