Sexual Abuse Within the Catholic Church: Pedephilia Within the Catholic Church Throughout History, the Shifting Concept of Abuse, Abusive Policies Still in Place During the Modern Day, the Poor Prosecution Record of Offenders Within the Catholic Church, the Rationale For Why Pedephilia May Occur Within the Catholic Church, the Catholic Church Spending Money to Keep Statutes of Limitation in Place for Sexual Crimes, and the Relocation of Problematic Clergy to South America

During the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church condemned pedophiles to the mercy of the lay courts which would most often sentence those who had committed such an offense to death. Over the centuries the church became more lenient and more secretive. In 1922 under Pius XI, new laws were issued and abuse was not to be regarded as a sin against a child but instead against the sacrament of confession. Abuse became shrouded in secrecy. A bishop who informed law enforcement would be punished with excomm...

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