The World’s Oldest University Founded by a Woman, the al-Quaraouiyine University Helping to Launch the Renaissance, the Communal Bread Ovens of Fez, Morocco, Marrakech, Morocco Referred to as the “Rose City” and its Original Name, the Berber Lineage Stretching Back to 3000 B.C., the Value of Salt Being as High as Gold, the Reason Salt Was Prized, Salt Used as Currency Until the 20th Century, and the Etymology of “Salary”

The city of Fez in Morocco is home to the world’s oldest university. The university of al-Quaraouiyine (pronounced “care-oh-ween”) was founded in 859 AD by a woman named Fatima al Fihri. The knowledge taught here was funneled back into Europe, eventually help spark the Renaissance. Every neighborhood in Fez has a communal bread oven in which residents take their bread to be baked. Marrakech, Morocco is often referred to as the “rose city”. The Berber people are named as such as it was a name pro...

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