Dutch Artist Vincent Van Gogh Originally Wanting to Become a Priest, Van Gogh’s Failed Marriage Proposals and Battles With Sexually Transmitted Infections, Van Gogh Settling in Holland After Excommunication, Van Gogh Leaving Holland for the South of France, Van Gogh’s Short Career, and Ancient Greek Philosopher Plato’s View of Artists

Vincent Van Gogh did not originally set out to be a painter. Van Gogh’s original vocation was within the clergy, a vocation which he was removed from due to his stammer. Van Gogh proposed for marriage twice, both times shot down, caught syphilis and ended up in the hospital for it, was nearly disowned by his parents, and had a girlfriend with a young child which he stayed with, despite her being a prostitute in a period before antibiotics. Van Gogh settled in Holland after being excommunicated f...

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