Italian Friar St. Francis of Assisi: St. Francis Engaging Within Cosplay, St. Francis Observing Conflict First Hand, St. Francis’ Capture and Ransom, St. Francis’ Mission of Peace Between Christians and Muslims, the Fragile Peace Agreement With Egyptian Sultan al-Kamil, Mutual Respect Between Christians and Muslims, and the Generosity of al-Kamil Toward His Christian Enemies

St. Francis of Assisi was enthralled with the idea of being a knight, and spent much of his time carousing the towns he lived in, drinking, dressing in nice clothing, and causing minor mischief. During 13th century, many Italian cities were warring with eachother and when this occurred in close proximity to St. Francis, he quickly and eagerly joined a military faction. Once St. Francis saw the brutality of hand to hand combat, he no longer idolized the ideology of being a knight. St. Francis was...

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