Astronaut Parabel, the Orion Capsule, the Orion Capsule vs. the International Space Station, the Study of Deinococcus Radiodurans Bacteria for Future Space Travel, the Soviet Union Sending a Chimpanzee into Space Due to Fear of the Unknown, and the Way Astronauts Simulate and Train for Zero Gravity

Astronauts often say that when you’re not looking to change your position because you’re content and happy, that’s when they come looking for you to offer you the ultimate challenge, going into space. The Orion capsule is a spacecraft which the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is building to take astronauts to the moon, Mars, or further, as it is specifically designed for deep space travel. Orion is 5 meters in diameter, approximately the size of 2 minivans, so it is by no means a l...

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