Mongolia: High Literacy Rates in Mongolia, Soviet Union Policy Still Active in Mongolia, the Composition of the Mongolian Ger Home, the Placement of Gers, Gers Provided as a Gift to Young Newly Married Couples, the Mongolian Argument for Wolves Consuming Livestock, Mongolia Being the Second Largest Cashmir Producing Nation, the Price of a Billy Goat in Mongolia, the Bizarre Weather of the Mongolian Dzud, the Dzud Storm of 2010, and the Importance of Cashmir Within Mongolian Culture

Mongolia enjoys one of the highest literacy rates in the world, a feat accomplished in no small part to the communist party who ruled the Soviet Union until its disassembly in 1991. The communist party insisted that a strict education policy be instituted for all citizens of the Soviet Union, a policy which still exists in Mongolia to the modern day. Mongolian gers are surprisingly simple structures, with a canvas outer layer to protect against the wind and the rain, a warm felted sheep's wool l...

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