The Importance of Eye Symbolism Throughout Antiquity, Chinese Princess Lady Fu Hao Becoming the First General in Chinese History, the Estimated Length of Time to Develop the Terracotta Army and the Estimated Time to Archaeologically Study the Site, Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s Burial Tomb, the Ornate Bronze Chariot of Qin, and China’s Only Female Emperor Ushering in an Age of Prosperity

The eyes have always been a source of power in imagery. When Mohammad wanted to destroy images he ordered those doing the destroying to attack the eyes first and the same is true in England during the Protestant reformation. Lady Fu Hao was a princess and one of the favorite consorts of King Wu Ding, who had her buried within his own personal royal complex, not within the palace complex as would have been the case for other nobles. Lady Fu Hao was also a general, the first general in fact in Chi...

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