The Difference in Size for Life on Earth, the Brain of Great White Sharks, the Aerodynamic Shape of Great White Sharks, the Energy Efficiency of Kangaroos, the Circumference of Bone Equating to its Strength, Insects Dominating the Planet Earth, the Plethora of Insects Yet to Be Discovered, and the Estimated Number of Insects Worldwide

Life on Earth varies from the massively large as is the case with trees which reach heights of 100 meters and have a mass of 1000 tonnes, to the incredibly small as is the case with bacterium which are less than 1,000,000th (1 millionth) of a millimeter and a mass of less than 10,000,000,000,000th (10 trillionth) of a gram. These differences span over 22 orders of magnitude in mass. Approximately 66% of a great white sharks brain is dedicated to it’s sense of smell, being able to smell 1 part pe...

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