Chairman Mao Zedong: The Greatest Asset of the Chinese Communist Party, Mao’s Eating Habits, Mao Unable to Consume Fruit Due to Dental Issues, the Propagandization of Mao’s Teeth, Mao’s Enormous Personal Library, Mao’s Intent to Conserve as Much as Possible, and the High Esteem of Calligraphy in China

The greatest asset the Chinese Communist party had was the support of the poorest class, the peasants who lived rurally across China. General Mao Zedong was very fond of fatty pork and always ate 2 servings of vegetables and 1 serving of meat during his meals. Mao had terrible teeth due to his habit of smoking, so bad in fact that he couldn’t eat fruit. Mao’s teeth were often faked in photographs to appear white and healthy. Mao had an enormous library of approximately 70,000 books, with his fav...

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