The Dynasty That Built the Great Wall of China, Ming vs. Qing Dynasty Views, Emperor Qianlong’s Extensive Art Collection and How This Impacted Progress in China, the Meaning of “Tiananmen Square” in Mandarin, Chairman Mao Zedong’s Miscalculation That Resulted in Starvation, Mao Eradicating China’s Ancient Past, and the Scapegoating of Communist Party Members After Mao’s Death

It was during the Ming dynasty in which the Great Wall of China was built, a dynasty which focused upon an inward looking state. The Qing (pronounced “ching”) dynasty adopted the opposite approach, opening Chinese culture up to the outside world, perhaps most importantly, to the west. Emperor Qianlong (pronounced “chan-long”) of the Qing dynasty had such a large collection of art that it was hyperbolized to have taken 10 years if one were to walk past each and every piece. Qianlong spent so much...

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