Volcanoes of the Solar System: The Apollo Missions Learning of the Moon Being Volcanically Active, the Olympus Mons Volcano on Mars, the Reason the Earth Will Never Have a Volcano Like Olympus Mons, the Volcanoes of Jupiter’s Moon Io, Ultramafic Lava Helping to Create an Atmosphere, Volcanoes on Venus, How Pancake Domes Are Formed and How to Detect Them, Why the Early Earth Supported Life Despite Volcanic Activity, and Life Upon Other Planets and Moons Due to Volcanic Activity

The moon was once volcanically active with evidence of this volcanism left behind. The Apollo missions brought back rocks from the moon which were dated to be 4,000,000,000 (4 billion) years in age. The Apollo astronauts immediately noticed basalt rock upon their initial mission to the moon and this basalt rock could only have formed with volcanos present. The basalt rock on the moon can be seen with the naked eye and appears as the darker spots of the moon as the basalt has filled in the crater...

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