The Tower of London: The Only Foreign Invasion to Overcome England’s Defenses, Technologies Designed for the Tower of London, the Menagerie and the Animals Once Kept Within, King Henry VIII’s Development of Copper Currency, Disparate Levels of Detention Dependent Upon Socioeconomic Status, the Execution of Queen Ann Boleyn the First Time an English Queen Was Executed, the Role of the Executioner Within English Society, English Bishop Ranulf Flambard the First Person to Escape the Tower of London, English Noble William Maxwell Being the Second Person to Escape the Tower of London, the Etymology of “Beef Eaters”, the Yeoman Warder Uniform and its Cost, Living Quarters of the Yeoman Warders, the Role of the Yeoman Warder, the Royal Jewel Collection and its Attempted Theft, Modern Day Location of the Royal Jewels, Photography of the Royal Jewels Prohibited, and the Importance of Ravens at the Tower of London

In 1066, England experiences the only foreign invasion ever to overcome it’s defenses. The new ruler, William the Conquerer built the Tower of London in the heart of England’s capital city, designed to shock and awe the people of London as well as deter any would be invaders. The Tower of London towers 90’ high above the deepest inland port on it’s river, commanding the key cross place which London requires for commerce’s. In the 13th century, the tower was expanded with 2 new sets of walls, 21 ...

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