Primates: The Reason Orangutans Can Swing Through the Jungle Canopy With Ease, Evolution Providing a Method to Preserve the Lives of Infant Orangutans, Dominant Orangutan Male Physical Characteristics, the Physical Characteristics of the Proboscis Monkey, Mandril Color Display, Physical Characteristics of Dominant Uakari and Snub Nose Monkeys, Orangutan Calls Signifying Travel the Next Day, the Finely Tuned Senses of Human Beings, Orangutan Birth Having Never Been Filmed, Female Orangutan Pelvis’ Designed for Birthing, Orangutans Experiencing Menopause, and the Learning Stages of Youth Orangutans

Unlike most primates, orangutans live relatively solitary lives. The arms of an orangutan for much longer and stronger than their legs and the tendons in their hands and feet hold the bones in a naturally hooked position, meaning they can grip the branches of the canopy with minimal muscular size or energy expenditure. Female orangutans have menstrual cycles just as human beings do. Female orangutans do not display swollen genitals like other primates do, which is actually an evolutionary advant...

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