The Unique Conditions of the Black Sea, the Reason Organic Matter Breaks Down Slowly in the Black Sea, the Reason the Anoxic Layer of the Black Sea Formed, the Difficult Conditions for Life Within the Black Sea, the Development of Constantinople and its Aide of Christianity, the Byzantine Empire Acting as a Nexus Between Europe and the Middle East, Remote Controlled Underwater Expeditions, Tools and Technologies of the Hercules Remote Underwater Vehicle, and the Most Frequent Place to Find the Treasures and Artifacts of a Sunken Ship

The Black Sea off of the coast of the Ukraine is unique in that it has a dense layer of stagnant, oxygen deprived water which blankets it’s lower depths referred to as the “anoxic layer”. This layer preserved shipwrecks perfectly, and is thought to preserve human remains as well. Anything organic which should rot away like wood, stays completely intact for thousands of years. It is theorized that 7500 years ago, the Black Sea was a landlocked, freshwater lake which crossed over a thin strip of l...

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