Roman Emperor Constantine: Constantine’s Conflict With Roman Emperor Maxentius at Milvian Bridge, Constantine’s Conversion to Christianity, Constantine’s Victory Against Maxentius, Christianity Becoming the Dominant Religion in Rome, Constantine’s Blending of Pagan and Christian Motifs, Constantine’s Mother Helena Obtaining a Piece of the True Cross Relic Which Jesus Christ Was Crucified Upon, Constantine’s Conflict With Emperor Licinius, the Edict of Milan Proclaiming Religious Tolerance, Constantine Confronting Licinius in Asia Minor (Turkey), Constantine Consolidating Rome’s Power, Constantine Executing His Son Crispus and Possibly His Wife Fausta, Constantine Founding the Hagia Sophia, Constantine Favoring His New Roman Capital, Constantine’s Baptism and Subsequent Death Marking the First Time a Roman Emperor Experienced a Christian Burial, and Constantine’s Nephew Julian the Apostate Attempting to Resign Paganism to Compete With Christianity

The Roman emperor Constantine, who was not yet an emperor, marched towards the battle of Milvian Bridge just outside of Rome in 312 AD. Constantine did so to wage war with his rival Maxentius. After arrived, Constantine had a dream or a vision, it’s not clear which as different accounts retell this story different, but in this mirage Constantine stated that he seen a cross in the sky and that he was told “convert to Christianity and display the Christian cross on your military shields. If you ob...

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