Time Spent to Create Organic Soil vs. Time Spent to Utilize Organic Soil, the Last Major Increase in Climate Change, Melting Permafrost Causing Problems in Alaska, United States of America, the Trans-Alaskan Oil Pipeline Built to Withstand Sinking Soil, the Composition of Permafrost, Permafrost Melting Causing Methane Release, Methane vs. Carbon Dioxide, the Amount of Carbon Captured by Permafrost in the Arctic, the Danger of Rapid Permafrost Melt, the Most Affected Area of Climate Change, and the Most Northern Point of the U.S.

It takes thousands of years for organic matter to get into soil, but the release of that organic matter can occur in only a few short years. 55,000,000 (55 million) years ago the Earth warmed up by 5 degrees Celsius over a few thousand years, however the scale at which scientists are projecting currently are 2 - 5 degrees Celsius, over a span of only 100 years. Melting permafrost in Alaska is becoming a major problem as homes, buildings, and roads continue to sink into ever increasing sink holes...

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