The Problem With Voluntourism: The Concept of Voluntourism, Sending Aide Where it is Unneeded, the Fallacy of Some Cambodian Orphanages, Purposefully Making Children Appear Impoverished to Manipulate Westerners, Lack of Education and Expertise for Child Caretakers, Exposing Children to Predation, and the Most Essential Question of Voluntourism

Voluntourism which is traveling around the world to volunteer is the fastest growing sector within the travel space. 80% of those who embark upon a journey like this are female, and most all who do so are of Caucasian ethnicity and well educated. Companies which offer voluntourism often focus greatly on the holiday aspect of the trip, and not at all on where volunteers are in dire need. Ecuador has one of the fastest growing economies and some of highest standards of living in all of South Ameri...

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