The Etymology of “Baroque”, the Etymology of “Rococo”, the Meaning of Rococo Artwork, Saxon Leader Augustus the Strong’s Large Family, Strength, and Obsession With Porcelain, the Reason Chinese Porcelain Was Believed to Have Supernatural Powers, the Reason Augustus’ Chinese Replica Palace is Distinctly Non-Chinese, Augustus Discovering the Secret to Chinese Porcelain Manufacturing, and Chinese Porcelain Production in Europe

The term “baroque” is derived from the Portuguese term “barroco” which means a “misshapen pearl” as it was thought that the baroque period was similar to the Renaissance, but not as perfect as the Renaissance, a sort of wonky replica of sorts. The term “rococo” is derived from the French term “rocaille” (pronounced “rock-eye”) which means “shell work” and the term “barroco” which once again means “misshapen pearl” in Portuguese. Rococo implies an art form which is shapeless and overloaded, and t...

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