The Dunedin Study: Overview of the Dunedin Study, Scientific Work Produced by the Dunedin Study, the Dunedin Studys 5 Classifications of Children, Value of Each Classification Stratification Including Strengths and Weaknesses, Temperament Set at Age 3, Childhood Milestone Delays, the Correlation Between Childhood Sleep and Obesity, the Connection Between Television and Success in Later Life, the Dunedin Study Performed Internationally, Small Subset of the Population Creating Crime, U.S. Firearm Statistics vs. the International Community, Dunedin Study Scientists Traveling to Participants Who Are Immobilized, and the Immense Importance of Self-Control, Delayed Gratification, and the Marshmallow Test

A New Zealand study called the Dunedin Study which took place in Dunedin, New Zealand is a 40+ year project that has followed over 1000 adults throughout the entire course of their lives and is now the most reputable authority in respect to the prediction of future behavior. The Dunedin study has published over 1000 papers in prominent medical journals, equating to an average of 1 paper ever 13 days. Confidentiality is strictly protected in this study and participants have admitted to crimes of ...

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