The Dunedine Study: Children Developing Early Signs of Future Criminality, Delinquency Starting During Puberty, Anti-Social Patterns in Males Before Age 21, Teenage and Adolescent Brain Organization and Development, Anti-Social Behaviors Ever Present and Escalating Over Time, Criminality Decreasing During a Person’s 20’s, Delinquency in Adolescent Girls, the Traits Adolescent Girls Seek Out in Romantic Partners, the Correlation Between Low Education and Addiction, Women Engaging in Physical Violence as Often as Men, Possible Suppression of Verifiable Scientific Evidence, the U.S. Supreme Court Deeming Minors Receiving Adult Sentencing for Criminal Offenses in the U.S. to be Unconstitutional, and Transitioning Away from Criminality During Adulthood

Researchers within the New Zealand Dunedin study found that difficult toddlers often had hyperactivity and poor attention spans, with impulsivity issues. These children would often physically throw away any challenge which they deemed difficult and were often bullied and disliked by other children and adults. These children often traveled down paths of criminality. Hitting and stealing as well as antisocial behavior which are predictors of problems later on in life often start as early as 2 year...

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