German Theoretical Physicist Albert Einstein Disbelieving in the Possibility of Black Holes, the Zero G Weightless Aircraft Simulating Various Gravitational Pull Values, the Concept of Imaginary Time and the Thought Experiment to Help Understand It, the Shape of the Universe Affecting Observance, Every Galaxy Containing a Black Hole, the Connection Between the Speed of Light and Electromagnetism, British Theoretical Physicist Stephen Hawking Proving Time Travel to be Impossible in a Traditional Spacecraft, the Concept of Negative Energy, the Physical Inability to Alter the Past, Fission of Time to Create Multiverses or Parallel Universes, Hawking’s Chronology Protection Conjecture Theory, How New Universes Within the Multiverse Are Created, and Nuclear Conflict, Climate Change, and Pollution Being a Greater Threat to Civilization Than an Asteroid Strike

Albert Einstein didn’t believe that blackholes were physically possible despite blackholes being theorized using his equations a year after those equations were gifted to science. Einstein thought it was impossible to crush something as large as a star into something essentially a few kilometers in diameter. The Zero G weightless experience performed by the Zero G aircraft can not only allow its participants to experience weightlessness, it can also alter it’s trajectory so that the gravity of t...

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