Diet Statistic of Men and Women, Annual Revenue of the Weight Loss Industry, Weight Gain Statistic, Average Sugar Consumption, the Composition of Monosodium Glutamate and Free Glutamates Within Processed Foods, Pilots Unable to Consume Soft Drinks With Caffeine and/or Aspartame, Lack of Oversight by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the Way Blueberries are Artificially Created, Sugar Consumption in the 20th Century vs. 21st Century, the Best Psychological Diet Mindset, Toxins Within the Body Making Weight Loss Difficult, Chlorophyll Leveraged as a Detoxicant, the Importance of Diet Upon Skin, Deep Sleep and Exercise Being Beneficial to Health, Pleasure Reducing Stress Hormones, and the Power of Visualization

33% of women and 25% of men in the US are on a diet collectively. The weight loss industry brings in $60,000,000,000 ($60 billion) annually. The average person consumes 150 lbs of sugar each year and 79 lbs of high fructose corn syrup. Up to 66% of people will regain more weight than they started with after having completed or started a diet. The average person consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar each and every day. Monosodium glutamate and free glutamates are found in 80% of processed food products ...

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