Prussian King Frederick the Great’s Sexuality, the Division of Poland, Frederick’s Sexual Dysfunction, French Courtier Madame de Pompadou Being the Favorite Mistress of French King Louis XV, Madame de Pompadou Sending Others to the Bastille and Starting Conflict, the View of Children During the Rococo Period, Surviving Childhood During the Early 18th Century, French Queen Marie Antoinette’s Life Sized Play Village, Undergarments During the Rococo Period, and the Hand of God Painting of the Sistine Chapel

Frederick the Great is thought to have been gay as he had no children and had a sexless marriage. Frederick the Great loved wordplay and was responsible for the division of Poland, so that it could be shared with Russia. It’s rumored that Frederick the Great caught a sexual disease from a male lover when he was young, a disease which caused him erectile dysfunction for the rest of his life. Madame de Pompadour was Louis XV favorite mistress. Madame de Pompadour sent more people to the bastille t...

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