The Language the Christian Bible New Testament and Old Testament are Written Within, the Size of the Turin Shroud, the First Person to Develop a Negative Image of the Turin Shroud, the Location the Turin Shroud is Kept During the Modern Day, the Catholic Church Allowing Scientific Examination of the Turin Shroud and the Last Public Demonstration of the Turin Shroud, the Blood Type of the Turin Shroud, the Reason the Turin Shroud is Contested and Controversial, the First Person to Own the Turin Shroud, the Death of French Military Officer Jacques de Molay, the Turin Shroud Possibly Being an Imprint of de Molay, the Physical Description of de Molay Matching Jesus Christ, the Oldest Christian Bible in the World, the Date the Wycliffe Bible Was Written, the Hebraic Bible Connecting the Lineage of English King James I (James VI and I) and Christ, the Etymology of “Judaism”, the Father and Ancestor of Judah, Judah Being the Ancestor of Israeli King David, Christ Being a Direct Descendent of Jewish Royalty, Christ and Syrian Preacher John the Baptist Being Familially Related, the Reason Religious Forgeries Were Constructed During the Medieval Period, the Site at Which Christ Was Crucified, the Etymology of “Sepulchre”, the 4 Gospels of the Christian Bible’s New Testament Disagreeing Upon What Time of Day Christ Was Crucified, the Method Used to Affix Christ’s Hands to the Crucifix, the Discovery of a Human Calcaneus Bone With an Iron Nail Pushed Through, the Type of Box This Calcaneus Bone Was Discovered Within, the Original Owner of the Calcaneus Bone Discovered, the Reason This Calcaneus Bone is an Important Discovery, the Period When the Crucifix Became Synonymous With Christianity, the Term Used to Describe the Crucifix Within the Christian Bible’s Old Testament, the Theory of the Crucifix Being an X Shape Instead of a T Shape, Israeli Researcher Israel Hershkovitz’s Hypothesis of Why the T Shape Crucifix Concept is Found Throughout the Christian Bible, the Argument Against Hershkovitz’s Theory, the Psychology of Why Crucifixion Was Utilized by the Ancient Romans, the Reason for the Lack of Physical Evidence of Crucifixion, the Belief That Crucifixion Nails Had Supernatural Properties During the Period, the Reason Deoxyribonucleic Acid is Virtually Impossible to Extract From Crucifixion Nails, the Jewish Funerary Tradition During the Period of Christ’s Life, the Suspected Family Tomb of Christ, No Gospel Accounts of Christ Having a Son, the Contradiction Between the Description of Christ’s Burial and the Turin Shroud, the Sudarium Being Closely Related to the Turin Shroud, the Possibility of the Sudarium and Turin Shroud Being Created During the Same Period, the Etymology of “Sudarium”, the Use of Sudariums During the Period, the Bodily Fluids Discovered Upon the Sudarium, the Sudariums Bodily Fluids Aligning With Death Via Crucifixion, the Reason the Sudarium was Used to Drape the Face for 45 Minutes Post Mortem, the Biological Connection Between the Sudarium and the Turin Shroud, the Blood Type of the Sudarium and Turin Shroud Matching, the Possibility of Christ’s Female Family Members Becoming Discovered During the 21st Century, Evidence of the Turin Shroud Being Authentic, the Possibility of Christ Being a Druze, the Druze Ethnicity, the Term Used to Describe Christ Within the Koine Greek Original Christian Bible, the Possibility of Christ Not Being Jewish, the Gospels Establishing Christ as Jewish, the Modern Day Location of the Druze Ethnicity, the Reason the Druze Religion is Guarded and Conversion In or Out is Prohibited, the Only Method to Become Part of the Druze Faith, and the 2 Main Tenants of the Druze Religion

The New Testament in the Bible was originally written in Koine (pronounced “coin-eh”) Greek, unlike the Old Testament which was written in Aramaic. The Turin Shroud which is believed to have wrapped Jesus Christ after his death and to have been left behind post resurrection is approximately 14’6” long by 3’6” wide and bares the mysterious image of the full front and back of a man, someone who appears to have met a violent death. The Turin Shroud negative image was stumbled upon by amateur photog...

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