The Cost of Maintenance of the Highclere Estate of Downton Abbey, the Advent of Tweed as a Hunting Technology, 19th Century High Society Dinner Cost, the Constant Pressure an Earl Faces, British Archeologist Lord Howard Carter Marrying into Wealth to Save the Highclere Estate, Carters Vehicular Accident That Led to One of the Worlds Greatest Discoveries, Carters Death, Carters Dog Susie’s Death, Socialite Almina Rothschild Carter Opening the Highclere Estate as a Hospital During World War I, and the Sudden Rise in Estate Tax Which Led to the Downfall of the English Estate

The Highclere estate at which Downton Abbey is filmed costs $1,000,000 ($1 million) per year to maintain. Tweed suits worn by hunters and gamekeepers were purposefully designed to blend in with the landscape as a sort of camouflage. During the 19th century, a typical high society dinner menu for 20 people would have cost $100.00 for an Earl of an estate, which was equivalent to a maids annual salary for 2 years. When accounting for modern inflation, the bill for entertaining a king or queen woul...

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