The Number of Patients With Diabetes Worldwide, the Total Amount of Resources Dedicated Toward Diabetes Within the U.S. Healthcare System, Delicatessen Meat Cancer Statistic, the World Health Organization Classifying Processed Meats as a Group 1 Carcinogen, the World Health Organization Classifying Red Meat as a Group 2 Carcinogen, the Number of Deaths Caused by Cancer Within the U.S., the Number of Overweight and Obese Adults Within the U.S., 70% of All Death Being Preventable and Related to Lifestyle Choices, 33% of All U.S. Residents Acquiring Diabetes by 2042, the Cause of Diabetes, the Reason the Human Body Becomes Resistant to Insulin, the Inverse Correlation Between Carbohydrates and Diabetes, the Correlation Between Fat and Diabetes, How the Human Body Breaks Down Carbohydrates, How the Human Body Breaks Down Fat, Sugar Containing No Nutritional Value, Sugar Acting as a Delivery System for Fat, the Number of Years Lost From the Average Lifespan Due to Diabetes, the Correlation Between Processed Meat and Diabetes, the Number One Cause of Death Worldwide and the Number of People Who Die From Cardiovascular Disease Worldwide Annually, Cardiovascular Related Problems Death Statistic, the Role of Alcohol, Sugar, and Cigarette Smoking Within Cardiovascular Disease, the Concept of “Dead Meat Bacterial Toxins”, the Correlation Between Alzheimers Disease and Vascular Dementia, White Meat Erroneously Marketed as a Much Healthier Alternative to Red Meat, the Leading Source of Sodium Within the American Diet, the Correlation Between Poultry and Prostate Cancer, Beef vs Chicken Cholesterol, the Largest Contributor to Cholesterol Within the American Diet, the Correlation Between Eggs and Red Meat, the Reason Eggs are Inherently High in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol, the Largest Source of Fat Within the American Diet, Genetic Predisposition Not Being the Direct Cause of Disease, the 4 Main Risks of Fish Consumption, Fish Cholesterol Dependent Upon the Species Consumed, the Correlation Between Dairy and Autoimmune Disease, Lactose Intolerance Across Various Ethnicities, Human Beings Not Evolving to Consume Dairy, North American’s Tolerating Milk Better Than Other Demographics, the Maximum Legal Volume of Pus Within Milk in the U.S., the Fallacy Between Dairy Products and Bone Health, Studies Suggesting That Dairy Provides No Additional Protection to Bone Health, the Correlation Between Milk and Cancer, Hip Fractures, and Decreased Lifespan, Nations With the Highest Dairy Consumption Observing the Highest Osteoporosis Rates, Genetic Cancer Statistic, the Correlation Between Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 and Cancer, the Correlation Between Dairy and Prostate and Breast Cancer in Adults, Cheese Producing Casomorphin Within the Brain Leveraging the Same Receptor as Heroin, the Reason Cheese is Considered Addictive, Human Being vs Cattle Milk Casein, Livestock Provided Up To 450 Disparate Medications, the Majority of Antibiotics Produced for Livestock, the Censoring of Scientific Information by Corporations Conducting Scientific Studies, the Number of People Who Die Annually Within the U.S. Due to Food Related Illness and Antibiotic Resistance, the Correlation Between Swine Spray Fields and Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Infections, Swine Forced to Cannibalize Swine Which Have Died, Swine Feces Used to Fertilize Agricultural Land and the Problem With This Method, Swine vs Human Being Stool Production Rate, Livestock Producing More Greenhouse Gasses Than the Entire Transportation Industry, Low Fat Plant Based Diets Being Twice as Effective as the American Diabetes Association Recommended Diet, the Human Body Creating Antibodies to Resist the Protein Within Dairy, the Danger of These Antibodies for the Pancreas, the Reason Major Health Organizations Partake Within Corporate Sponsorship Creating a Conflict of Interest, the Reason Major Health Organizations Appeal for Corporate Sponsorship, Major Health Organizations Forced into Creating Alliances With Corporations Causing Poor Public Health, the Benefit of Financing Major Health Organizations for Corporations, the Reason the Dairy Industry Targets Adolescents, the Annual Financial Expenditure of the Animal Products Industry to Promote Animal Products, the Annual Financial Expenditure of the Dairy and Animal Product Industries Spent Lobbying Favorable Legislation, the U.S.’ Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act Legislation, the “Cheeseburger Law” Legislation, the Reason the Cheeseburger Law Legislation Was Introduced, the Cheeseburger Law Legislation Predicated Upon the Commonsense Consumption Act Legislation, the Food Industry and Pharmacological Industry Working in Unison, the Economic Value Generated by Stents and Statin Medications Annually Within the U.S., the Economic Value Generated by Treating Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, and Diabetes Annually Within the U.S., the Annual Financial Expenditure of the Financial Industry, Defence Industry, and Oil and Gas Industry Lobbying for Favorable Legislation, the Annual Financial Expenditure of the Pharmaceutical Industry Lobbying for Favorable Legislation, the Majority of Pork Products Contaminated With Fecal Bacteria, the Reason Ill Animals are Treated But Not Separated, the Rationale the Food Industry Provides for This Behaviour, Animal Products Not Required for Adequate Protein Ingestion, the Reason Plants Can Provide Protein, Animal Products Acting as the Recycled Protein of Plants, the Majority of Americans Ingesting Twice the Protein and Half the Fiber They Require, the Ideal Sources of Protein for the Human Body, the Lowest Protein Value of All Mammalian Breast Milk, the Largest Animals Upon Earth Being Herbivores, Common Large Herbivore Animals, Diet Dictating the Bacterial Flora of the Gastrointestinal System, the Reason Consuming Animal Products Causes Cholesterol to be Stored Within Arterial Walls, the Most Common Diseases Associated With Animal Product Based Diets, Human Beings Not Being Carnivorous by Default, Evidence of Human Beings Being Frugivores, Evidence of Human Beings Not Being Omnivores, Frugivore vs Omnivore Gastrointestinal Anatomy and Physiology, Human Being Teeth Not Being Designed for an Omnivore Diet, the Human Brain Being Predisposed to Crave Plants, Evidence of the Human Brain Being Predisposed to Crave Plants, Human Beings Repulsed by Raw Meat Consumption, the Cessation and Reversal of Cardiovascular Disease After Adopting a Plant Based Diet, the Majority of Patients Able to Avoid Cardiac Health Issues by Adopting a Plant Based Diet, the Economic Value of Eliminating Cardiovascular Disease Within the U.S., Plant Based Diet Eliminating the Requirement of Antihypertensive Medication, Plant Based Diets Being Extremely Beneficial for Multiple Sclerosis and Crohn’s Disease, the Suppression of Cancer Cells When Adhering to a Vegan Diet, the Rapid Benefits Observed by Adopting a Plant Based Diet, German Physician Walter Kempner’s Study Designed to Reduce and Reverse Disease Related to Diet, Kempner’s Dietary Outline, Kempner Demonstrating That Sugar and Carbohydrates are Not the Cause of Disease, the Reason Physicians Are Not Taught Dietary Nutrition During Training, Physicians Organizations Lobbying Against Mandatory Dietary Nutritional Training for Physicians, the Conflict of Interest Experienced by Dieticians, the Flawed Logic of Learning About Diet and Nutrition From the Corporations Which Manufacture and Produce Said Food Products, Animal Based Diet Disease Statistics, Plant Based Diets Able to Provide Everything an Animal Based Diet Can Provide, the Only Vitamin Lacking Within a Plant Based Diet, the Production of Vitamin B12, Vitamin B12 More Likely to be Consumed While Subscribing to an Animal Based Diet, Plant Based Diet vs Animal Based Diet Cost, Plant Based Diets Being More Cost Effective Than Animal Based Diets, and Plant Based Diets Adopted by Athletes to Increase Athletic Capabilities

Worldwide there are 350,000,000 (350 million) people with diabetes. 33% of the US Medicare budget is dedicated exclusively to people with diabetes and 10% of the total US healthcare budget is dedicated exclusively to those with diabetes. A single serving of deli meat daily increases ones risk of colorectal cancer by 18%. The World Health Organization classifies processed meats as a Group 1 Carcinogen, the same category which cigarettes, asbestos, and plutonium belong to. Red meat is classified a...

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