The Freemasons: Total Number of Freemasons Worldwide, the Possible Start of the Freemason Organization, the Symbolism of the Freemason Society Insignia, the Goal of the Freemasons Being to Promote Free Thinking to Avoid Tyranny, the Initiation Sequence for New Members, Freemason Handshake Grip, the 3 Tiers of the Freemason Organization, and Capital Punishment Within the Organization

As of 2012, there are an estimated 6,000,000 (6 million) Freemasons worldwide. It is believed by some experts that the Freemason fraternity established during the building of Solomon’s Temple, which occurred during 1000 BC. The original universal symbol of the Freemason society has a geometry compass at the top, letter “G” in the middle, and a squared ruler at the bottom. The compass is the main tool of the individual and stands for the perfect circle it draws in which a Freemason stands and it ...

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