Waste of the Average Person, Waste From Diets Rich in Meat, Waste From Diets Rich in Plants, the Elusive Orca Whale, the Wandering Magnetic Field of the Earth, Dogs Aligning Themselves With the Earth’s Poles While Defecating and the Suspected Reason For This Behavior, and Sand Created by Parrot Fish

The average person produces 90 kilograms of fecal waste per year, equating to 6 tonnes within their lifetime. Diets rich in meat products produce waste with scent compounds such as urea, ammonia, and cadaverine. Plant based diets produce waste with scent compounds of acetate, propionate, and butyrate. Orcas are incredibly elusive, traveling up to 125 kilometers per day. The magnetic field fluctuates throughout the day and is never calm for more than a few hours because of external factors like s...

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