Easter Island: Moai Statues, the Rapa Nui Language, the Hoa Hakananai’a Statue, Spanish Spoken on Easter Island, Hoa Hakananai’a Markings, Dutch Explorer Jacob Roggeveen Finding Easter Island, British Captain James Cook Reaching Easter Island, Catholics Exporting Easter Island Moai to the West, Rapanui Ceremonies and Rituals, Carving New Moai, How Moai Were Carved, the Concept of Aringa Ora, Established Dates of First Contact, the Election of the Bird Man, the Sooty Tern Birds of Orongo, the Bird Man Competition, and the Symbolism of the Hoa Hakananai’a Statue

The statues of Easter Island are called “Moai” by the indigenous people of the island who refer to themselves as “Rapanui”. The Rapanui speak Rapa Nui which is a Polynesian language closely related to Tahitian, the indigenous language spoken on the island of Tahiti. There is a single statue on Easter Island called Hoa Hakananai'a which translates from Rapa Nui to the “stolen friend” or “hidden friend”. During the modern day, Spanish is the most commonly spoken language of Easter Island but most ...

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