Dinosaur Fossils in Alberta, Canada: Alberta Being One of the Most Abundant Fossil Sites in the World, Paleontologists Only Scratching the Surface of Dinosaur Paleontology, the Small Number of Paid Dinosaur Experts, the Key Feature to Identify Fossils With, Fossilized Dinosaur Eggs Found in 1987, and the Last Period When the Earth Was as Warm as it is During the Modern Day

During the Cretaceous period, Alberta, Canada was the coastline of the continent which made for great fossil conditions. Alberta, Canada is internationally recognized as one of the richest dinosaur fossil sites on Earth. Alberta, Canada has yielded more than 100 species of dinosaur making it one of the richest ecosystems available to palaeontologists. 1000 species of dinosaurs have been discovered but in respect to the larger picture, palaeontologists know very little about dinosaurs as there ar...

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