U.S. Government Black Ops: The Meaning of “Black Ops”, the U.S. Government Denying Black Ops, the Purpose of Black Ops Missions, the Meaning of the Acronym Navy “SEAL”, the Creation of Black Ops, the Founder of Seal Team Six American Commander Richard Marcinko, the Creation of Seal Team Six and Leveraging Misinformation, the Ratio of Soldiers to Navy Seals, the Navy Seal Screening Process, the Navy Seal Proverb of Blood and Conflict, the Virtually Unlimited Budget of the Black Ops Programs, the Black Ops Chain of Command, Marcinko Spending Time in Prison for Infiltrating U.S. Bases During Operation Red Cell and Marcinko’s Discovered Security Exploits, and the Central Intelligence Agency’s Policy of Always Assuming a Room is Under Surveillance

The term “black ops” refers to any operation which is unconventional. While the US government denies the existence of black ops, their tier 1 top secret status can only be approved to go ahead at the highest levels of government. The idea of the black ops missions are to deliver a scalpel, instead of the traditional hammer of war and to work at the hand of the US without the US being accountable for that hand, essentially an organization which is stateless, borderless, and with impunity from the...

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