Lions and the Serengeti Plains of Africa: Sign of a Dead Animal Upon the Serengeti Plains, the Jaw Strength of Hyenas, Plain Predator Behavior, Vultures Serving as a Crucial Piece of the African Ecosystem, Vultures Consuming More Meat Than Any Other Animal Within the Serengeti, the Flight Altitude of the Ruppell’s Griffon Vulture and Wing Span, the Largest Vulture Species, the Largest Mass Birth Event in the World, the Duties of a Female Lioness, the Purpose of Coalition Lion Prides, the Age that Males are Forced Out of the Pride, the Age that Male Lions Become Dominant, the Wild and Domesticated Life Span of the Lion, Male Lions Killing All Infant Cubs After Joining a Pride, and Wildebeest Only Giving Birth at 10:00 AM

A clear sign of a kill on the Serengeti plains of Africa are birds of prey circling above. Hyenas have incredibly powerful jaws and large carnatial teeth allowing them to eat through bones with relative ease, where as lions typically leave bones as they find them more difficult to bite through. Plain predators show behavior indicative of greed in that they will kill and feed despite not even being hungry, as many can go days without eating but when given the chance they will feed 1x - 2x per day...

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