The Ancient Romans and the Celtics: The Bronze Age and Iron Age Periods, the Druid Aesthetic Terrifying the Ancient Romans, the Ancient Romans Believing the Druids to Be Too Violent, Druids Throwing Away Swords, Ancient Roman vs. Celtic Hot Spring Baths, Ancient Roman and Celtic Culture Blending, the Stratification of Ancient Roman and Celtic Society, the Centralization of European Religion and Power, the Celts Throwing Prayers into Hot Springs, and the Chirho Symbol Early Christians Used to Identify One Another

The Bronze Age took place during 1300 BC. The end of the Iron Age was 100 BC. The Druids were a terrifying spectacle to the Romans, even those who were battle hardened as they did not know what to make of the Druid’s upon their first encounters with the Roman Tacticus in AD 60 stating, “the enemy in a close packed array of armed men interspersed with women dressed like furies in funeral black, with streaming hair and brandishing torches, round about were the druids, their hands raised to heaven,...

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