The Connection Between Diet and Life Span: Metabolic Rate, Cancer, and Stress – Healthspan vs Lifespan, the Lifespan of Clams, the Concept of “Protein Aggregation”, the 4 Factors of Aging, the Effect of Caloric Restriction Upon the Aging Process, the Impact of Adding 25 Extra Calories Per Day, the Impact of Subtracting 25 Extra Calories Per Day, the Volume of Food Which Should be Consumed Per Meal, the Concept of “G-Bombs”, the Effect of Consuming Micronutrients, the Effect of Transferring Blood From a Young Person to an Elderly Person, the Typical Age When Cancer is Triggered, the Reason This Occurs, How the Human Body Suppresses Cancer During Adulthood, the Immortality of Senescent Cells, How Senescent Cells Work, the Effect of Removing Senescent Cells From the Human Body, the Effect of Removing Senescent Cells From Mice, the Impact of Exercise Upon Senescent Cells, the Period When Exercise is Most Effective Against Senescence, Exercise Consistency vs Exercise Intensity, One of the Best Methods of Low Intensity Exercise, the Concept of “Hormesis”, Hormesis Helping to Reduce the Lethality of Radiation, Examples of Hormesis, the Positive Aspects of Stress, the Negative Aspects of Stress, the Reason the Elderly are More Likely to Become Immunosuppressed, the Impact of Too Much Stress Upon the Human Body, the Development of Plaques Within the Brain Post Age 40, the Impact of Plaques, Tangles, and Inflammation Within the Human Brain, Autopsies of the Elderly Displaying Signs of Alzheimer’s Dementia But No History of Alzheimer’s Dementia, Some Human Brains Able to Combat Inflammation and Delay Alzheimer’s Dementia, the Concept of “Cognitive Reserve”, the Early Life Factor Which Protects the Elderly From Alzheimer’s Dementia, the Physical Effect of Positive Thoughts and Feelings, the Impact of 60 Days of Self-Discipline, the Advantage of Aging Chronologically Faster Than Biological Age, the Region of the Brain Impacted by Unbalanced Chronological and Biological Aging, the Factor Discovered Within the Brains of Those Aging Biologically Slower Than Their Chronological Age, the Most Important Aspects to Obtain Lifespan and Healthspan Extension, the Benefit of Education for the Human Brain, the Human Brain SHIELD Acronym, and the Majority of Longevity Being Controllable With Lifestyle Choices

The key to aging is to learn how to increase ones “healthspan” not their “lifespan”. There are clams alive today that have been alive for the past 500 years, clams which have beating hearts just like human beings, but for some reason have been able to vastly increase their biological lifespan. Protein aggregation is the process of tissues within the body clumping together and it is believed that some clams are able to prevent protein aggregation much more effectively than humans. The 4 most domi...

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