Thailand: The Tree Swing Speed of the Lar Gibbon, Memory Maps of Gibbons, Central Thailand Being the Most Fertile and Productive Region of the Country, Thailand Once Referred to as “Siam”, the Flight Speed of the Lyle’s Flying Fox Bat, the Edible Lotus Flower Within Traditional Medicine, the Term “Moon” and “Elephant Dung” Being the Same in Thailand, the Popularity of Fried Crickets in Thailand, the Thai Tokay Gecko Being One of the Largest Geckos in the World and Their Purpose as Pets, the Toxic Saliva of the Water Monitor Lizard, Dangerous Species in Thailand, the Pit Viper Biting More People Than All Other Snakes Combined, the King Cobra Being the Largest of All Venomous Snakes, the Traditional Belief of Snakes Providing Thailand’s Wealth, Drying Anchovies in Thailand, and the Belief that Harming a Whale Brings Misfortune in Thailand

The lar gibbon can swing from tree to tree at speeds of more than 50 kilometers per hour. Gibbons build memory maps of the canopy so that they know exactly where to forage. Central Thailand is the richest and most productive region of the country, with its fertile flood planes which nourish rice fields, covering more than 40% of all farmland. 8,000,000 (8 million) people live in Bangkok, Thailand and the region which surrounds the capital is known as the “nations rice bowl”. Thailand was once kn...

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