Shark Tourism in Mexico, the Benefit of Shark Tourism, the Evolved Illusion of White Tip Sharks, the Reason White Tip Shark Populations are Declining, Docile Hammerhead Sharks, the Value of a Shark Fin, Shark Fin Soup Within Chinese Culture, and the Problem With Domestic Trade if Sharks Are Classified as Protected or Endangered Species

One of the best if not the best place to see sharks is Mexico. Guadalupe, Mexico in the autumn is the peak season for shark sightings. Scientists appreciate tourism because it’s an extra pair of eyes to watch out for poachers as authorities cannot be present at every shark site all of the time. It is suspected that oceanic white tip sharks have evolved their white tipped tail as it gives the illusion of a school of fish in the distance, and once prey moves towards it, the shark can quickly turn ...

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