Finding the London Artifact, Analyzation of the London Artifact During the 1980’s, the Great Pyramids of Giza Potentially Built by King Surid (Enoch), the Theory of the Pyramids Acting as a Repository of Knowledge, the Reason for Inaccurate Carbon Dating Measurements, and How Carbon Dating is Performed

There is an iron hammer in Glen-rose, Texas which is referred to as the “London Artifact”. The piece was discovered in 1936, inside the Travis Formation, which is a concretion of sandstone. This formation takes 140,000,000 (140 million) years to form which would suggest that the hammer itself is of the same age or older. The first modern humans emerged only 200,000 years ago which does not fit with this model. During the 1980’s, the hammer was analyzed by 2 independent laboratories, the Creation...

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