The Himalayan Mountain Range: The Himalayas Creating the Indian Monsoon, Nourishing Sediment Carried to the World’s Largest Deltas, Earthquakes and Fault Lines Within the Region, Gaps Within the Fault Line, Future Earthquake Predictions for Bhutan, Mongolia Being the Least Populated Country in the World, Mongolian Earthquakes Being Unusual, and the Burma Arc and Bangladesh

The Himalayan mountain range is not only the world’s tallest mountains, they are also the world’s youngest mountains. The Himalayas created the Indian monsoon which rains down on the mountains, eroding and forming rivers, some of the Earths largest and most powerful. Rushing from the mountains, the Himalayan rivers carry the greatest sediment load in the world and deposit it to make the world’s largest river deltas. The land nourished by this sedimented water is so great and fertile that it sust...

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