The Marriage of Jesus Christ: Evidence of Christ Having a Spouse, the Coptic Language and its Relation to Egypt and Greece, Christ’s Name Recorded Within the Fragment Which Suggests He Had a Spouse, the Use of the Possessive Pronoun “Ta” Within the Coptic Language, the 2 Women Who Play a Significant Role Within the Christian Bible, Mary Magdalene Recorded as Christ’s Spouse, the Fragmentation of Christianity Across the Mediterranean During Christianity’s Inception, Various Sects of Christianity Developing Unique Accounts of Christ and Christian Scripture, the New Testament Being a Small Fraction of the Original Compendium, the Person Believed to Have Recorded Christ’s Marriage, Additional Gospel’s Within the Christian Bible’s Old Testament, the Coptic Script Utilized by Mother Mary/Mary Magdalene to Record Christ’s Marriage, Dating the Written Account of Christ’s Marriage, the Paper Used to Record Christ’s Marriage, the Written Record of Christ’s Marriage Being Part of a Codex Text, the Message Inscribed Within The Written Record of Christ’s Marriage, the Reason Christ’s Marriage May Have Been Concealed, the da Vinci Code Novel Exploring the Possibility of Christ Being Married, the Number of Copies of the da Vinci Code Sold Worldwide, the Discovery of Christian Scripture in Nag Hammadi, Egypt During the 20th Century, the Nag Hammadi Amphora Originally Believed to Contain Treasure, the Reason the Nag Hammadi Amphora Was Left Sealed, the Opening of the Nag Hammadi Amphora, the Contents of the Nag Hammadi Amphora, the Gospel of Philip Recording That Christ Was Married, the Age of the Gospel of Philip, Evidence of Christ’s Marriage Within the Gospel of Philip, Additional Evidence of Christ’s Relationship With Magdalene, the Concept of Non-Romantic Kissing During the Period, Additional Evidence of Christ’s Relationship With Magdalene, the Gospel of Philip Alluding to Christ’s Companion and Sexual Relationship, the Reason the Christian Gospels are Not Considered 100% Historically Accurate, No Record of Christ’s Marriage Within the Christian Bible, the Hypothesis of Why Christ’s Marriage Was Not Recorded Within the Christian Bible, Turkish Apostle Saint Paul Possibly Being Unaware of Christ’s Marriage, Saint Paul’s View of Sexuality and Romantic Relationships, the Reason Christ’s Marriage is Controversial, Evidence of Magdalene Being a Disciple of Christ, Italian Pope Gregory I Amalgamating Multiple People into the Same Description of Magdalene to Create the Modern Day Narrative of Magdalene, Gregory I Declaring Magdalene to be a Sex Worker, the Hypothesis of Why Gregory I Implemented This Decision, Evidence of Magdalene Depicted as a Disciple Destroyed by the Catholic Church, the Discovery of the Gospel of Mary Within a Codex Text, the 8 Surviving Pages of the Gospel of Mary, the Gospel of Mary Describing Christ as Returning Post Mortem With a Message, Magdalene Taking Christ’s Message to Christ’s Disciples, the First of Christ’s Disciples to Dismiss Magdalenes Message, the Argument Christ’s Disciples Made of Why Magdelene Was Not Credible, Evidence of Christ Loving Magdalene More Than the Other Disciples, the Most Intact and the Oldest Versions of the Gospel of Mary, the Discovery of Christian Scripture at a Garbage Dump in Oxyrhynchus, Egypt, the Language Used Within This Christian Scripture, Evidence of the Gospel of Mary Being a Copy of an Older Text, the Number of Fragments Analyzed and Translated From the Oxyrhynchus Site Discovery, and the Catholic Church Dismissing the Oxyrhynchus Texts as Fraudulent Forgeries

There is a fragmented piece of papyrus which clearly indicates that Jesus Christ had a wife. The text is written in Coptic, an ancient Egyptian form of writing. Coptic is the last form of Egyptian, descended from hieroglyphics, and is essentially Greek with a number of additional letters dependent of the dialect. The fragmented piece abbreviated the name of Christ in the exact same way that virtually all Greek texts write his name, which includes the first letter “iota”, the last letter “sigma”,...

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